Increase Your Income by Helping Market Your Favorite Products or Services.

Every time you see a cash register, I want you to visualize how you can increase your income by helping market your favorite products or services. Whatever you are buying, 35-50% of the dollars you pay goes to the cost of marketing the product so you and others will buy it. Why not have some of those dollars go directly to you? For example, what if you love Life cereal? What if you not only enjoy Life cereal, but eating it lowered your cholesterol and improved your health significantly? If so, you have a valuable story to tell. What if you tell your story and it influences other people to purchase Life cereal? What if you then earn money (your share of the marketing costs) every time any of the people you influenced purchase Life cereal as well as any people they in turn influence? You might not be able to do it with Life cereal, but there are other products and services in which you can do just that and more. It is called network marketing.

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Determine What Products or Services You Love and Whether Quality Network Marketing Opportunities Are Available

Discover products or services you have tried and think are the best possible. Your experience is your story and has valuable marketing worth. When evaluating a network marketing opportunity, make sure to consider the following important principles. The first letter of each principle is underlined, and when put together forms the acronym: MONEY TREE.

Multiple Streams of Income: Will the opportunity you are evaluating add another stream of income and enrich your quality of life?

Outstanding: Is the company, product, or service well above others in the field?

Nothing Down: Can you take advantage of this opportunity with little or no money investment?

Employee Resistant: Having employees is expensive and time-consuming. Does this opportunity require employees?

Yield: What is the long-term potential in relation to the time needed to take advantage of the opportunity?

Trends – Timing – Testing: Does this opportunity take advantage of important trends, such as increased public interest? Has it been tested?

Residual: Does this opportunity include building an income that continues and is not dependent on your continued work?

Essential to Everybody Everyday: Does the opportunity involve products or services that are essential to everyone every day?

Enthusiasm: Is the product, service, or opportunity capable of generating enthusiasm? Will you and other people want to share it?

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Decide to be Wealthy.

One way to decide to be wealthy is to spend 10% less than your income and put those dollars to work for you. Through the miracle of compound interest they continually gather additional dollar friends to serve you. But what if you decide to spend 10% more than your income? Alas, money you borrow then works against you and robs you of your wealth. The miracle of compound interest that could have been your friend becomes a compound plague with no mercy.

money works for you

The Power of a Simple Decision

You decide to spend 10% less than you earn and put those dollars to work. Money earned from working 37 years at an average of $40,000 per year = $1,480,000. Lifetime earnings from the dollars you put to work for 37 years at 12% compounded interest is $2,352,000. Total lifetime earnings = $3,832,000.

You decide to spend 10% more than you earn and borrow the difference. Money earned from working 37 years at an average of $40,000 per year = $1,480,000 but $200,000 is lost due to average debt of $30,000 at 18% interest, reducing total lifetime earnings to $1,280,000 or less.

That is a difference of over $2,500,000. This is not the result of being extraordinarily lucky and winning the lottery. It is the result of making the simple decision to be wealthy or not. What is your decision?

There are many ways to spend less. One of the best is to avoid mindless spending on things of little worth. A good way to think of it is every dollar you spend now is taking five dollars out of your future pocket. Another is to take care of your things so they last longer. You could also shop for better prices or buy in economical quantities. List some of your own ideas and remember your reward could be $2,500,000 or more:

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Make Sure Your Priorities are Always on Your Decision Table.

Your conscious mind is limited. It can only think of a few things at a time. That is usually not a problem, but can be when it comes to making quick decisions under pressure or mindless distraction. When hungry we may overeat and forget about our health goals. Because a good deal seems to only be available for the next few minutes, we may spend money on that and not have enough money to spend on a more important priority. We may not use our time to best advantage because of relatively unimportant distractions and so do not accomplish the key tasks needed to achieve our priority goals and win the trophy of the life we want.




A Few Starting Methods to Keep Your Priorities Present

  1. Write your priorities so you can see and review them often. Be as descriptive as possible and make sure you review them before making important decisions. Make it a habit to take a few extra minutes to review your priorities even under a time pressure.
  2. Visit your default future. If you continue on your current course, what will your future be like? Visit it as vividly as you can. For example, if you have diabetes and are not managing it correctly, it can have devastating results. Visit a diabetic clinic and see what the results have been for other people and could be in store for you. You smoke. Look at pictures of people with lung cancer. If you are not following a successful financial plan to secure your future, visit older people who have reached retirement age and are living on very limited incomes.
  3. Visit your desired future. Go where people are already enjoying the future you hope to achieve. Experience what it will feel like. Post pictures around your house and on your desk that represent what you want. Talk about what you want and your willingness to pay the price in effort and resources to achieve it.
  4. Make it a game and keep track of your score. You want to lose weight? Set a target score and monitor your progress. You win each day you keep within a certain calorie count or each pound you lose. Practice the plays (methods) that will make you a success, like having scheduled snacks instead of impulse ones.


Determine your critical moments and vital behaviors to deal successfully with those moments.

It is interesting that the word tennis has its origin in the word temptation. The player hitting the ball would yell tennis to indicate the ball is fast coming into your court and you have no choice other than dealing with it.




In tennis, as in life, there are critical moments (when the ball is fast coming into your court) and you must determine and use the best vital behaviors to respond successfully to it.

Identify Your Crucial Moments and Vital Behaviors

Even the best plans or program designs need to be adjusted and de-bugged before they are completely successful. New software programs always have to be de-bugged to really work right. With people and their personal plans for success, it might be better to use the term de-butted. Few plans are successful right away. They need to be continually adjusted and modified until they work perfectly for you. That is where but comes in. It is a wonderful device if used correctly. It should not be used as an excuse, nor used to blame someone else. It should only be used to adjust your plans. For example, if success means losing weight, your plans probably include eating no more than a certain number of calories a day. If successful, great! If not successful, you might say you intended to eat fewer calories, but … The information that comes after but can help you determine critical moments that can make or break your plan. For example, your critical moments when you are tempted to overeat might include when dining at a restaurant, eating while watching television, or having someone bring in a box of doughnuts. How are you going to deal with these tennis moments? That is where vital behaviors come in. Your vital behavior at a restaurant might be to ask for a take-home carton and place any extra food in it before you start eating. You might make it a rule in your home to not eat while watching television. You might have any box of dangerous doughnuts placed where you cannot see them and, of course, out of reach. It might also be a good time to visit your desired future.

the key is not

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Use and Align All Your Success Influencers.



Success is more than willpower. Your probability of success increases directly with determining clearly what you want and then using every positive influence together as needed to make it happen. Let me put it this way. Suppose your big car ran out of gas and you needed to push it up a hill to a gas station. You have personally decided to push it yourself and you use several methods, but to no avail. Suppose ten muscular people come to your aid. The first tries to push the car, but can’t. So, the second one tries to push it, but can’t. What’s the problem? You need as many pushers (influencers) as necessary to work together to accomplish your purpose. So it is with planning your success.

Respond to your current methods in using ten important influencers. Don’t worry if nothing comes to mind right away. Some ideas and methods will be presented later..


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Inspired by Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success by Kerry Patterson, … (April 11, 2011)

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Take Regular Trips to Your Spiritual Center.


(this blog post is on the use of a labyrinth)

The everyday pressures and noise of life can keep us in a state of constant stress. In such a state, we miss much of the beauty and opportunities life has to offer. The solution is to travel to our inner spiritual center where we can slow things down, become reacquainted with who we are, and experience a state of peace that generate thoughts that nourish our body, mind, and spirit.

A labyrinth, such as the famous one pictured above that originated at the Chartres Cathedral in France over eight centuries ago, is one way you might consider. The labyrinth is a clear, but winding path that leads unerring to the center and then out again. As you walk it or trace a tabletop vinyl one with your finger you become more and more able to quiet your mind and focus on what is spiritually important right now and what you need to learn to fulfill your life.

Labyrinth and the Need for Balance

It is interesting that the system of canals in the inner ear responsible for our sensing physical balance is also called a labyrinth. The labyrinth we walk or trace with our finger gives us spiritual/life balance, while the labyrinth in our inner ear gives us physical balance. We need both.

There is No Right or Wrong Way to Use a Labyrinth

This is a time you set aside for you. Whatever is authentic to you and helps clear your mind so it can be open to inspiration and spiritual nourishment is fine. Whatever succeeds in bringing you positive inner transformation, clearer purpose, and allows your mind to slow down and become quiet is valuable. You choose.

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are, and you know what you want. (Lao Tzu – Ancient China philosopher)

There are many ways to quiet and calm your mind and tap into your spiritual center during the day without using a labyrinth. Consider changing situations you might otherwise count as delays and frustrations, and transform them into calming and meditating opportunities. Instead of being frustrated by having to stand in line or wait for a red light, use those few moments to take some deep breaths and calm your mind. When your wait in line is over or the green light comes on, feel renewed energy, and have a better day.


Some Ways to Have a Growth Experience Using a Labyrinth

Labyrinths can be walked if large enough, or traveled with your finger if you use a small one. There are an unlimited number of ways you can take these walks. Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Appreciation Walks: Select something to appreciate and concentrate on feeling that appreciation.
  2. Purpose Walks: Use the path to the center to explore what is really important to you. Stay in your spiritual center and select the one purpose more important than all the rest. As you walk back to the outside, commit to that purpose and determine what you will do to manifest it in your life.
  3. Past, Present, and Future Walks: During your walk to your spiritual center, consider one or more valued memories of the past. While in your spiritual center be aware of the present and how you can live right now fully. As you walk to the outside think of memories you intend to create in the future.
  4. Celebration Walks: What a great way to mark the importance of birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements!
  5. Strength Walks: It is important to recognize your personal strengths and determine to use them to benefit your life and contribute to others. On the walk in, think of your personal strengths. In the center, select one of those strengths you will use more. On the walk to the outside, visualize particular ways and situations you will use that strength during this next week.
  6. Inspirational Scripture or Quotation Walks: Select a quotation or a verse from scripture. Meditate on it during your walk. For example: Everything great is on the other side of fear.

How to Get Your Own Labyrinth

labrinth pic

Go to if you want to print a copy of a labyrinth to use. Look at the menu on the left for labyrinths. You could also google the words labyrinths to print for other easy sources. If you wish to purchase a quality 18-inch vinyl labyrinth, you can do so at for $18.95 plus shipping. I purchased a quantity of them at wholesale and you could pick one up at my Learning Success Center for $15. E-mail me at if interested. Next issue we will continue discussing different ways to use the labyrinth to enrich your life.

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