Every time you see a cash register, I want you to visualize how you can increase your income by helping market your favorite products or services. Whatever you are buying, 35-50% of the dollars you pay goes to the cost of marketing the product so you and others will buy it. Why not have some of those dollars go directly to you? For example, what if you love Life cereal? What if you not only enjoy Life cereal, but eating it lowered your cholesterol and improved your health significantly? If so, you have a valuable story to tell. What if you tell your story and it influences other people to purchase Life cereal? What if you then earn money (your share of the marketing costs) every time any of the people you influenced purchase Life cereal as well as any people they in turn influence? You might not be able to do it with Life cereal, but there are other products and services in which you can do just that and more. It is called network marketing.

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Determine What Products or Services You Love and Whether Quality Network Marketing Opportunities Are Available

Discover products or services you have tried and think are the best possible. Your experience is your story and has valuable marketing worth. When evaluating a network marketing opportunity, make sure to consider the following important principles. The first letter of each principle is underlined, and when put together forms the acronym: MONEY TREE.

Multiple Streams of Income: Will the opportunity you are evaluating add another stream of income and enrich your quality of life?

Outstanding: Is the company, product, or service well above others in the field?

Nothing Down: Can you take advantage of this opportunity with little or no money investment?

Employee Resistant: Having employees is expensive and time-consuming. Does this opportunity require employees?

Yield: What is the long-term potential in relation to the time needed to take advantage of the opportunity?

Trends – Timing – Testing: Does this opportunity take advantage of important trends, such as increased public interest? Has it been tested?

Residual: Does this opportunity include building an income that continues and is not dependent on your continued work?

Essential to Everybody Everyday: Does the opportunity involve products or services that are essential to everyone every day?

Enthusiasm: Is the product, service, or opportunity capable of generating enthusiasm? Will you and other people want to share it?

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