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The everyday pressures and noise of life can keep us in a state of constant stress. In such a state, we miss much of the beauty and opportunities life has to offer. The solution is to travel to our inner spiritual center where we can slow things down, become reacquainted with who we are, and experience a state of peace that generate thoughts that nourish our body, mind, and spirit.

A labyrinth, such as the famous one pictured above that originated at the Chartres Cathedral in France over eight centuries ago, is one way you might consider. The labyrinth is a clear, but winding path that leads unerring to the center and then out again. As you walk it or trace a tabletop vinyl one with your finger you become more and more able to quiet your mind and focus on what is spiritually important right now and what you need to learn to fulfill your life.

Labyrinth and the Need for Balance

It is interesting that the system of canals in the inner ear responsible for our sensing physical balance is also called a labyrinth. The labyrinth we walk or trace with our finger gives us spiritual/life balance, while the labyrinth in our inner ear gives us physical balance. We need both.

There is No Right or Wrong Way to Use a Labyrinth

This is a time you set aside for you. Whatever is authentic to you and helps clear your mind so it can be open to inspiration and spiritual nourishment is fine. Whatever succeeds in bringing you positive inner transformation, clearer purpose, and allows your mind to slow down and become quiet is valuable. You choose.

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are, and you know what you want. (Lao Tzu – Ancient China philosopher)

There are many ways to quiet and calm your mind and tap into your spiritual center during the day without using a labyrinth. Consider changing situations you might otherwise count as delays and frustrations, and transform them into calming and meditating opportunities. Instead of being frustrated by having to stand in line or wait for a red light, use those few moments to take some deep breaths and calm your mind. When your wait in line is over or the green light comes on, feel renewed energy, and have a better day.


Some Ways to Have a Growth Experience Using a Labyrinth

Labyrinths can be walked if large enough, or traveled with your finger if you use a small one. There are an unlimited number of ways you can take these walks. Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Appreciation Walks: Select something to appreciate and concentrate on feeling that appreciation.
  2. Purpose Walks: Use the path to the center to explore what is really important to you. Stay in your spiritual center and select the one purpose more important than all the rest. As you walk back to the outside, commit to that purpose and determine what you will do to manifest it in your life.
  3. Past, Present, and Future Walks: During your walk to your spiritual center, consider one or more valued memories of the past. While in your spiritual center be aware of the present and how you can live right now fully. As you walk to the outside think of memories you intend to create in the future.
  4. Celebration Walks: What a great way to mark the importance of birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements!
  5. Strength Walks: It is important to recognize your personal strengths and determine to use them to benefit your life and contribute to others. On the walk in, think of your personal strengths. In the center, select one of those strengths you will use more. On the walk to the outside, visualize particular ways and situations you will use that strength during this next week.
  6. Inspirational Scripture or Quotation Walks: Select a quotation or a verse from scripture. Meditate on it during your walk. For example: Everything great is on the other side of fear.

How to Get Your Own Labyrinth

labrinth pic

Go to if you want to print a copy of a labyrinth to use. Look at the menu on the left for labyrinths. You could also google the words labyrinths to print for other easy sources. If you wish to purchase a quality 18-inch vinyl labyrinth, you can do so at for $18.95 plus shipping. I purchased a quantity of them at wholesale and you could pick one up at my Learning Success Center for $15. E-mail me at if interested. Next issue we will continue discussing different ways to use the labyrinth to enrich your life.

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